Agribusiness Study Program, President of Univ, Shares Ways to Become a Young Entrepreneur

August 8, 2022

Agribusiness Study Program, President of Univ, Shares Ways to Become a Young Entrepreneur

This year President University (PresUniv) opened three new study programs (prodi). One of these is the Agribusiness Study Program. The Agribusiness Study Program held a CEO Talk event entitled Creating Future Leaders, Thursday (28/7) and invited high school students from various schools in Indonesia. The event was hosted by Dani Lukman Hakim, Lecturer of Agribusiness Study Program Presuniv, CEO Talk presented R. Yugian Leonardy, CEO of Gravfarm, and Yusup Maulana, CEO of Mobidu, as the speakers.

Yugian spoke on  Building  A Future Career in Agribusiness through Entrepreneurial Pursuits. He said, the key to becoming an entrepreneur is to think big, act fast, and be imaginative. This is an anti-mainstream way of thinking. With this way of thinking, an entrepreneur is able to see things from different angles. Yugian also suggested, for those who want to have an agribusiness business, they need to first learn about the agribusiness culture in Indonesia.

In his session, Yusup Maulana spoke on Building A Future Career as a Young Entrepreneur in the area of Digital Businesses. He shared his experience of starting his business when he was very young, at the age of 19. He said, doing business at a young age will be easier if it starts out first as a hobby and focuses on creation, not income. Yusup said, “My business started with a hobby of creating applications or software. At that time, I thought, just work first.” He admits that the obstacles to doing business at a young age are capital, income, and connections. That’s why, he suggested looking for business opportunities while still in college. He explained, “I got IDR 30 million in capital from the government to write  an application.” Yusup hopes that young people will have the  self-confidence to work or to start a  business. Referring to his own experience, even though he was born from farming parents at the foot of Mount Cikuray, Garut, Yusup always dreamed of having a business in the field of Information Technology. Even though the people in the village doubted him, Yusup didn’t care. As a result, he is now the CEO of Mobidu. (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Silvia)


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